A woman feeling pain in her sinus

The Importance of Sinus Irrigation

The importance of sinus irrigation for the Voice Professional

Many singers and speakers have to deal with the ever pressing issue of “sinuses.” One could have inflamed sinuses, blocked sinuses, post nasal drip, itchy throat, infected sinuses or dry sinuses; no matter what the situation they all impact the voice professional negatively. The sinus cavity is very often neglected when it comes to vocal health.

I see so many colleagues attempt to keep their throat healthy but don’t realize that the healthy and clean sinuses are almost a guaranteed pre-curser to a healthy throat and voice. Every voice professional should have a copy of the book “Love Your Nose Naturally” by Dr. Robert Ivker. In his book, Dr Ivker states,
“The sinuses, along with the nose, serve as the body’s chief protector of the lungs. They do this by acting as a filter, humidifier, and as a temperature regulator.
He goes on to say that the primary underlying cause of almost all sinus issues “is a persistent or chronically inflamed mucous membrane.”

In his book he outlines a program for healing the sinuses and keeping them healthy for good. One of the most important factors is sinus irrigation daily or on a regular basis. I highly recommend this book as well as the simple step of nasal irrigation. By cleaning out the nasal passages regularly you will keep your throat and cords clean and healthy. Dr Ivker has a number of very good products that you can purchase and begin to use immediately to start healing and cleaning your sinuses.

In my very first blog “Excess Mucus production” I outlined my own nasal irrigation formula for the extreme cases. This formula is excellent but on a daily basis may be to much for the nasal passages. I suggest either Dr. Ivker”s protocols or you may find some other suggestions below.

One of the first things you should get is a Netti pot. These pots are great for irrigation and are relatively inexpensive. If you do not have a Netti pot then a plastic cup will do. The standard flush consists of an ounce or two of warm water mixed with salt, ( I use sea salt ), or a saline solution.

When doing a flush, I add Echinacea and Goldenseal on a weekly basis to make sure my mucus lining does not get infected. These herbs are very powerful and effective against preventing infection. Every other week I insert a drop or two of Oreganol and cayenne as well.

Whether you use herbs or not is up to you. The bottom line is that you need to keep your mucus membranes and lining clean and free of infection. By doing so, you will create an environment that is healthy and healing for your voice and throat, not to mention how much better you will feel in general.

As always, I wish you the best on your quest for Superior Vocal Health.