A cropped image of crushed Astragalus root

The Respiratory Enhancer

Vocal Health Tool–Respiratory Enhancer – Astragalus Root

Many times, singing powerfully, clear and open can often come down to how good the breath is flowing, especially as it relates to the lungs and their capacity.  I have noticed that in my own singing when I have that rare occasion where my lungs have some mucus swimming around and I am hacking a bit, my ability to breathe deeply and fully is hindered. We need our lungs to be clear and free of debris so we can fully expand and allow our breath to flow and support the sound. Chinese medicine has been using Astragalus Root, or Huang Qi, for thousands of years just for this purpose.

Vocal Health Tool–Lung Support

Astragalus root can be taken orally in capsule form or as a tea. It is also referred to as “The Great Protector.” One of its most beneficial uses is to warm and tone, helping the body to adapt to external influences, especially the cold. Astragalus has also been used in the treatment and prevention of viral colds and flu, bronchitis and cardiovascular problem. As singers, we have to be very conscious of these issues as we are going about our daily lives.
Another important reason Astragalus is excellent for the Voice Professional is that it has shown to strengthen the lungs, especially where they are chronically weak and there is a shortness of breath, and it aids in the recovery of any illness or injury requiring long-term immune system support–two major pluses when we are battling some sort of respiratory issue and still need to go out and get the job done.

Vocal Health Tool- Mucus Buster

We can also use Astragalus root as a quality vocal health tool for keeping the lungs and chest free of mucus. Astragalus helps  by invigorating the immune response. While working hard and on the road, we can attract all kinds of viruses and bacteria to us. Taking Astragalus can seriously help your respiratory tract to stay free of mucus and wide open, allowing you to sing stronger and longer. Because it is such a versatile herb, it is often combined with other herbs that can enhance your healing even more.

Vocal Health Tool- Energy and Immune Booster

Because we are always needing extra energy to sing and perform, quality vocal health is priority number one. If our immune system is low then we are always fighting, and the energy we could be using towards singing goes to keeping us healthy and supporting a lacking or weakened immune system. Astragalus has been shown to dramatically enhance ones recovery from exhaustion, illness and even surgery. It has been shown to revitalize white blood cells, stimulating the natural production of natural antibodies and natural interferon which your body uses to fight diseases. Sounds good to me if I have a couple of weeks of work singing with very little break in between. Also sounds good if I need the extra energy and support.

When used with proper supervision from a health care practitioner, Astragalus has not been found to be toxic or produce any damaging side effects to the body or voice. Always check with your health practitioner before adding or changing medications or supplements. The information in this post and on this blog is intended to be used only for informational purposes. Be smart, safe and investigate.
As always, I wish you the best on your quest for Superior Vocal Health